None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

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No. 1 Education

All girls, regardless of their age, are given the gift education. From the time they are young children, girls in Cambodia are discriminated against and lag behind boys in education at every level. In poor families, girls are the first to be pulled out of school as they are needed at home to look after younger children or to help out in a family business. When it is safe to do so, the girls are enrolled in a private school, where they attend half-days, 6 days a week. They also receive further schooling in Computers and English classes by one of our staff, who is a teacher, each afternoon. For the girls whom it is not safe to enroll in school, they receive full day education with our teacher.

Our goal is that every girl would reach a minimum of a Year 6 level, where they can read and write Khmer competently. For many of our older girls, around the age of 15, have never been to school, or have only completed six months of Year 1 before coming to us, this can be a challenging discipline for them to learn to study and apply themselves. We consider it to be so important, for even the girls entering vocational training, to continue their education in being able to read and write.

No. 2 Vocational Training

We love that, in Cambodia, we’re able to connect with many other great NGO’s (non-government organizations) offering vocational training programs.

Some of our younger girls have expressed an interest in learning to sew as a means to earning an income to assist their families. We’re able to send them to our Sewing Centre to learn these skills. As a result, they’re able to make SHE items including fabric bags and hearts we sell internationally in both Australia and the USA. They love being able to earn money they can save towards goals they have personally set while many girls choose to also use some of their income to help their families by purchasing rice, vegetables, fruit or cooking utensils they’re able to be present to their families and Family Visits. Not only is this significant to her family, but also gives her a great sense of self-worth and self-esteem… offering something to her family.

No. 3 Therapeutic Services

Each girl within the SHE Rescue Home has regular contact with a counselor and social worker. These are essential relationships in their healing and restoration journey. All girls in the home receive a minimum of weekly counselling when they first arrive, and this may be reduced to three-weekly during their time in our care. Counselling services continue even once a girl is safely reintegrated back to her family.

Our counselors provide specific trauma therapy for every girl, along with being a person who the girl can share about their day, their relationships, their family, and their fears. Counselors are often asked by the girls to pray with them or to simply sit and be there for them. We regularly send our counselors along to extra training and professional development to continue equipping them as such important people in our girls lives.

No. 4 Family Support

Our social workers work closely with families to help equip them to be able to receive their daughter back into their care. This process involes life skills training, employment assistance, vocational training, and sometimes involvement within our Family Assistance Program. Family needs are assessed regularly and we’re often able to connect with other organisations who can also assist in supporting families particular needs. We were recently able to assist another mother receive treatment for a health condition poverty had not allowed her to treat for 13 years! Family support has also involved us building and repairing houses, gifting pigs and chickens to families, building animal shelters, helping communities access clean water, and educating communities. The aim of our work is to always be able to reintergrate a girl back into a safe, supportive, and stable family and community.

No. 5 Medical

All girls in our SHE Home receive regular medical care, including vaccinations, dental, optical, and any other necessary care. Due to their trauma, a number of the girls who enter our home need treatment for STIs and STDs. One of our girls also receives treatment and support for HIV. In 2011, a life-saving operation was given to one of our girls who had a heart condition of which she wasn’t receiving enough oxygen to her heart. The condition was crippling and prevented her from engaging in the everyday life of a 12 year old. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we were able to fly her to Singapore to receive the major heart surgery. She is now a bright, happy, growing and energetic young girl who proudly shows off her scar to all she meets.

Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.

Nelson Mandela

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