None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

My name is Sotheavy*, and I’m a 15 year old survivor.

About Me

I arrived at the SHE Rescue Home at 15 years old following sexual exploitation within my own community and home. My mother discovered I was being exploited and immediately reported it to authorities. Following the report to authorities my perpetrator attempted to commit suicide and failed. My perpetrator has not yet been convicted as he is still in the hospital recovering from his attempted suicide. Following everything I’ve been through, I am quite shy and reserved but am learning to step out of my shell as I find healing and a restored sense of confidence. I love jumping rope, playing games, and get along well with the other girls in the home. 

My Family

At the time of my exploitation I was living with my parents and sisters. I have one older half sister and three younger sisters. Before entering the care of the SHE Home I lived with my family in a small home on land my older sister owns. My social workers will work to ensure my home and community are safe so I may reintegrate back with my mom and sisters. 

My Future

My social workers are going to ensure safety in reestablished within my community and provide my mother with parenting skills so I may safely reintegrate back with her. I am currently in grade 6 and wish to continue my studies so I can someday grow up and fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor!

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