None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

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My name is Sokhim*, and I’m a 19 year old survivor.

Sokhim’s* Reintegration Story

This 19 year old girl came into our care at the SHE Home in July 2014.  Sokhim* used to live in the province with her mother and stepfather.  In the past, her stepfather worked for the Army, but he is now an alcoholic and not working. With mounting debt, her mother moved around often to find work but is now working in a food factory in Phnom Penh.

Sokhim* was studying at a grade 2 level, before finishing up at school.  She decided it would be better for her to embark on vocational training. Sokhim* enrolled in a full-time sewing course and is now able to make basic clothes such as blouses, skirts and t-shirts.

Our staff used many different strategies for handling Sokhim*’s  challenging teenage behaviour. She had been used to her freedom and wanted to be reintegrated home as soon as possible. Her SHE counsellor worked very hard with her to educate her on her rights and safety. She also taught her what healthy relationships look like, how to build them and then how to maintain them. Her social worker was also able to help her successfully apply for a sewing job in a well-known fair trade garment factory.  This employment has enabled her to earn a stable wage. By herself, she was able to find a rental property close to her work.

In closing, Sokhim* has been reintegrated successfully to live independently, has a good job and a stable income. Her reintegration party was a great time of celebration, filled with games and beautiful words. She was reintegrated with her special blue chest full of clothes and gifts, a bag of rice, mosquito net, mobile phone, sewing machine and an overlocker. Her social worker and counsellor will keep in touch with her to ensure she continues to settle into her new life successfully.

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