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My name is Pherin*, and I’m a 20 year old survivor.

Pherin’s* Reintegration Story

This 20 year old girl came into SHE’s care in September 2014.  Pherin* used to live in the province with her mother and father.  Her dad is a police officer, and her mum is a stay-at-home mum.  She has two older sisters; one works in the province, and the other one is a beautician in Phnom Penh.

When Pherin* first arrived at SHE home, she was studying at a grade 2 level. She decided it would be better for her to undergo vocational training. She enrolled in a full-time a sewing course and is now able to make basic clothes such as blouses, skirts and t-shirts.

While in the Home, our staff employed many different strategies to help Pherin* to restore her relationship with her father.  Due to the shame of what had happened to her, the relationship with her father had been strained.  In Cambodian culture, children do not wish to bring shame to their parents or family. Pherin’s* counsellor had to work hard with her and, in the end, was able to help her identify her emotions and recognise that she was not responsible for what happened to her and the resulting shame. With the assistance of her counsellor, Pherin* was able to communicate openly with her father and they now have a restored relationship.

While staying at the SHE home, Pherin* graduated successfully from sewing school, and her social worker was then able to help her gain employment in the sewing industry.  In September 2015, she commenced working in a well-known fair trade garment factory.  Pherin* is excited that she has recently able to pass her probation.  This now ensures that she will have stable employment and reliable income in the future.  It also means that her father is now very proud of her and of what the SHE home has helped her accomplish.

In closing, Pherin* has been reintegrated successfully back with her parents in the province.  She will shortly return to work in Phnom Penh and to live with her sister.  Pherin’s reintegration party was a great time of celebration, filled with games and time for reflection.  As part of her reintegration, Pherin* received a bag of rice, mosquito net, mobile phone, her blue box, sewing machine and an overlocker.  Pherin’s social worker and counsellor will keep in touch with her to ensure she continues to settle into her new life successfully.

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