None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

My name is Mira*, and I’m a 14 year old survivor.

Mira’s* Reintegration Story

Mira* arrived into our care in January 2018 and has just been reintegrated, which is such a massive success in her journey towards complete healing! Upon her leaving we threw a big party celebrating her life and time spent in the SHE Rescue Home. We sent her out in love with presents and all the things she may need for her new season – clothes, a school uniform, a bicycle, and a bag of rice.


Mira* reintegrated back to her family, who is able to provide the love, safety, and support necessary to ensure she remains safe. Her community was assessed by our team and is a great environment for here, where she can learn independent living skills and move into greater freedom. She has come so far in her restoration process. While in the SHE Home she learned her worth and understood she was deeply loved and cared for. She learned how to better understand her emotions, and received tools necessary to properly cope with emotions as they arise. We’ve seen deep transformation in her, and greater freedom as her court case is successfully closed and perpetrator in jail!


Mira’s* family will enrol her in the school in their community, and our team will continue walking with her and her family for up to three years ensuring safety and sustainability standards are met. Mira* has also expressed great interest in receiving vocational training, and our social workers will work with her to assess the best route and products she could be successful at!


We’re so proud of Mira* and don’t think small of a survivor reintegrating back home into independence, healing, and greater freedom from past trauma. We’re so excited to walk alongside this beautiful girl to see her thrive in her future, where all past pain may be written into a powerful story of healing and beauty.

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