None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

My name is Kimny*, and I’m a 16 year old survivor.

Kimny’s* Reintegration Story

In March 2017, we had a reintegration party for Kimny*. The afternoon was filled with laughter, and games as the girls came together to celebrate Kimny* and the new chapter in her life. As her reintegration party came to an end, Kimny* was presented with her blue box and gifts to help make her transition as seamless and easy as possible. She was given: a photo album of her time at SHE, a bicycle and bicycle pump, clothing, a phone, as well as some fun hair and beauty accessories.

During her time with SHE, Kimny* attended school and dance classes. She struggled with learning but was always happy to attend classes, she is still studying at a grade two level but can now read and write. Kimny* also struggled with challenging behaviour – she and her counsellor worked to develop anger management skills, coping skills, and emotional regulation. In addition to traditional counselling, she was enrolled in Apsara dancing. The structure, control, and focus of the dance classes helped to manage her behaviours. Additionally, Kimny* flourished in the classes. It quickly became sometimes she is very proud of.

Kimny* is now living with her mother, father, and siblings. Unfortunately, there is not a dance school in her village so she will no longer continue taking class. Furthermore, due to her age, she is 16, and her learning challenges, the family and authorities have decided it would not be in her best interest to continue with school. Instead, she will be learning life skills from her mother as well as helping her look after their livestock. While her counselling has successfully ended, Kimny’s counsellor will continue to work with her monthly as she adjusts to life at home. Her social worker will also continue to meet regularly with Kimny*  to develop a future plan and goals.

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