None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

My name is Kimhong*, and I’m a 15 year old survivor.

About Me

I am 15 years old, and was sexual exploited within my own community. Following the incidents, a neighbour within my community told me I needed to remain silent otherwise shame would be brought to my family. It wasn’t until World Vision came to my village to host a workshop on sexual abuse that I got the courage to speak out against my perpetrators. After disclosing what had happened to me, my parents shared with World Vision that I was lying and suffered from “Mental illness” due to having a severe fever as an infant. Regardless of the disagreement amongst my family, authorities recognised I was not safe. I’ve enjoyed being in the SHE Home and was able to make friends quickly and jump right into classes. I’m in grade 6 and I love jumping rope, the color purple, and eating pork and vegetables!

My Family

I have a mom, dad, and older sister and was living with them during the time of my exploitation. My mom and dad both struggle with alcohol abuse and are psychologically abusive towards me because of it. My parents do not work to support our family, and as a result, my older sister works in a factory in order to support all of us.

My Future

I am currently in grade 6 and hope to continue my studies so I can someday grow up and become a teacher! My social workers and counselors will work with my parents to bring healing and improvement to their lives so I can feel safer at home and in their presence. My social workers and counselors are also looking into vocational training programs and longterm schools, where I could receive a high quality education and longterm support in order to meet my needs and help me achieve my goals.

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