None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

My name is Kanya*, and I’m a 16 year old survivor.


I am 16 years old and I am a survivor of sexual exploitation. My perpetrator is not in jail, which puts me at greater risk, and my court case is ongoing. I am in grade 8, love the color pink, jumping rope, and hope to learn how to sew so I can grow up and become a tailor someday!


I have a mom, dad, and two little brothers and was living with my family at the time of my exploitation. My mom works farming rice and my dad was working in Phnom Penh, until the time of my exploitation, when he and my mother confronted my perpetrator and he relocated his job to be closer.


My counsellors and social workers will walk closely with my family and I ensuring we’re properly cared for and equipped for our future, assessing our level of safety and all our needs. My social workers will also look into enrolling me into sewing courses to equip me for my future and help me achieve my dream of becoming a tailor, and will work towards reintegrating me back with my family when there’s greater healing and sustainability.

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