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My name is Hary*, and I’m a 19 year old survivor.

Hary’s* Reintegration Story

Hary* is a 19 year old young girl who was reintegrated in 2013 to live with her grandmother and sister while her mother worked illegally in Thailand. She sadly returned to the SHE Rescue Home in late 2014 having been re-abused at a wedding in her community when she was not adequately supervised. Provincial weddings are attended by nearly everyone in the community and with the large consumption of alcohol over the all day and night event, young children and teenagers are often vulnerable to sexual abuse.

While she was in the SHE Home, Hary* did not want to return to school but instead decided to go to a full time vocational sewing program. She graduated from the program in 2015 and is now able to make shirts, trousers and has been creating her own clothes!

In late 2015, with the help of her social worker, Hary* applied for a sewing job with a well-known international boutique sewing company in Phnom Penh and got the job! She is currently earning a fair monthly wage and has been so happy to be able to earn money and send some of her wage home to help her family.

Whilst working in Thailand, Hary’s* mother saved enough money to purchase some land in Cambodia. In November 2015, a men’s team built a house on the land so that she didn’t have to continue to work illegally across the border any more. Having a stable home that is fully paid for has made reintegration possible.

Through the reintegration process both mother and daughter decided they wanted to work in Phnom Penh to pay off the last of a family debt quickly before it accumulated with excessive interest. There they will have the opportunity to work in our Family Assistance Program making our sewn products and also plan to open a locally run sewing business as well.

The reintegration party was a great time of celebration, filled with games and time for reflection.  As part of Hary’s* reintegration, she received a bag of rice, mosquito net, mobile phone, her blue box gift, a sewing machine and an overlocker. Hary’s* social worker and counsellor will continue to follow her up to ensure she continues to to remain safe and is doing well in all areas of her life.

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