None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

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Sponsor Danet

My name is Danet*, and I’m an 18 year old survivor.

About Me

I came to the SHE Rescue Home in 2017 when I was 17 years old after being sexually exploited. My exploitation occurred while my family was homeless, resulting in me being extremely vulnerable. I used to work long hours every afternoon and night from 2pm until 10am at a local market. There are currently no known perpetrators to arrest and the investigation has stopped. 

My Family

My mother gathers recyclable garbage for a minimal wage and my father has cognitive and substance abuse problems. They live in a tent near one of the local markets. My social worker is actively working with an NGO that supports the homeless to explore potential options and investigate if a more stable and safe living situation can be achieved

My Future

I stopped attending school some time ago after completing grade 5. I am not sure I want to return to school, as I would have to start in grade 5 with much younger students than myself. My social worker is helping me find a vocational program so I may learn a skill and begin supporting myself safely. I love knitting and crocheting purses, so we may look into a sewing vocational program, as well as other options.

In October 2017 Danet* ran away from our care while she was at vocational training along with her younger sisters Pisey* and Maden* who were at school at the time. Following their runaway, we learned that they were back in the care of their mother who was homeless. Concerned for their well being, we contacted a partner organization, DoSAVY, who shared with us they would run a thorough assessment of the sisters living situation with her mother in order to determine if it was dangerous or could be made suitable. While it was not as ideal as having them in our care, we made an agreement with DoSAVY in order to take the sisters on as a client within our Community Based Care Program; a program designed for survivors who may remain in the care of their families, but still demand services in social work, counseling, and general support. Through this program we have ensured Danet*, Pisey* and Maden* are safe, monitor their progress, and came alongside them and their mother to bring strength and sustainability in the ways we’re able to. Sinath, the girls social worker from our care, has remained on the case and was working closely with the mother and family to ensure there are steps taken towards financial health so the family may move from the streets into a rented room.

We have recently found out that their mother was arrested and is now in jail. Despite this, they have stable housing now as found by our Community Care Program. 

Sponsor Danet*

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