None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

My name is Channy*, and I’m a 10 year old survivor.

Channy’s* Reintegration Story

Channy* came to the SHE Rescue Home in 2014 when she was 6 years old after being sexually exploited in her community. The perpetrator paid off her family but her grandmother continued to report the exploitation to the police. Her community also supported the perpetrator and he was able to run away from the authorities. While the perpetrator remains on the run, her community is now safe as they no longer are supportive of him.

In September 2017, we celebrated Channy* as she prepared to reintegrate back to her family. She enjoyed playing party games, eating cake and receiving her reintegration presents! She was given clothes, school supplies, art and craft materials, a mobile phone, a bicycle and some items for personal hygiene. After this party, Channy* left our home and returned to the loving care of her mother, father, and grandmother.

During her  three years at the SHE Rescue Home,  we watched Channy* grow from a quiet, shy girl into a bright, confident child full of laughter with a quick, sharp wit. She has a passion for school and always studied hard in class as well as outside of class with our teacher. As a result, Channy* excelled in all of her classes, receiving top marks. Channy* also worked hard to overcome her fears, anxieties, and stress. She learned valuable coping skills and techniques to help her calm down and relax. These skills were extremely important when she bravely went to court to testify in March of 2016.

When Channy* first arrived, her parents were working in Thailand and she had been living with her grandmother who was already looking after 9 other grandchildren. Since then, another NGO has provided them with a new house and her parents have moved back to Cambodia. They were hired by Channy’s* uncle to help in his restaurant. After a month, her uncle decided to sell the business to her parents who have been running it ever since. Channy* and her family are ecstatic to have her back home and she is looking forward to going school with her siblings.

Over the next three years, her social worker plans to meet with her monthly to provide continued support to Channy* and her family to help ensure they continue to succeed. She will also still receive regular phone calls and visits from her counsellor to help ease her transition back home.

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