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We have hired a new Production Manager for our sewing centre. Dariya is very experienced and comes into our SHE family with a vision for the future of our sewing centre! She is almost set-up and ready to get started, but needs one more thing to help her work effectively, a laptop. She will be working between our main Cambodian office and the sewing centre and requires a laptop to work remotely.

Her role involves overseeing the staff in the centre and every stage of the production process. From when the INO brand and custom orders are received, Dariya carefully chooses the right fabrics, makes sure the patterns are meticulously cut, and the sewing and construction finished to the highest standard.

Give towards a laptop for Dariya, ensuring she can fulfil her role with excellence. Creating more beautiful quality products to fund the work of the SHE Rescue Home and providing future jobs for survivors of exploitation and trafficking.


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