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Supporting Staff Training

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During the Khmer Rouge, more than 20,000 teachers were killed; this meant at the end of the 1970s, the literacy rate in Cambodia dropped and only 40% of the population could read and write. This left the education level in Cambodia being one of the lowest in the world.  However, it has been encouraging over the years to see so many more college graduates coming through with degrees. To further increase and build upon this education it is vital that our SHE staff continue to attend training and development to provide high-quality services.
Attending training not only benefits those that attend, but they come back and share what they have learned with the rest of the staff. What the staff benefit from, will benefit the girls too. We are always looking at upskilling our case management team (counsellors, social workers and house mothers) – our frontline staff, to help them make decisions that will mean better recovery for the girls.
We also want to send our sewing centre staff for further training, resulting in a higher level of vocational training for those employed in the sewing centre.
Previously our team have attended the following training:
– HR Management
– Financial Management
– Tax and government compliance
– Child Development
– Self Care
– Parenting skills
– Trauma-informed therapy
– Management and leadership
Our budget for this year’s staff development is $1500
Could you help us give them the gift of higher education and training? Education is just one of the switches that help us light up dark places and allows our response to those in pain to be deeper and more fitting. Help us make education and high-quality care possible today.

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