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Medical Fund for Girls $2,600

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$2,680.00 raised of $2,600.00 goal


Debt is a great risk to trafficking and exploitation throughout Cambodia and it creates great vulnerability amongst families and communities. The greatest contributor to debt is the need for medical care families cannot afford, which oftentimes leaves them with no choice but to rely on high interest loans that are impossible to pay back and rob hope from the family altogether. This level of vulnerability is often what traffickers pry upon, positioning unjust corruption as hope and a way out of what feels hopeless.

For these reasons, we work diligently to assist all families we work with with proper medical care, and work hard to complete all necessary paperwork and processes when free medical care could be available to families. Our goal is not only to provide access to proper medical care, but to prevent vulnerability altogether by ensuring families can remain financially sustainable and avoid debt. Unfortunately in some cases, the medical care required for an individual is more severe or on-going, and rather than a one time fee, a family is coping with an illness that will require longterm care or monthly medication that will demand consistent funding. 

In order to close cases, we work to ensure a means of providing for themselves and financial sustainability is visible, and in such cases when longterm medical support is required we need a means of ensuring the family has access to assistance if need be, to avoid the vulnerability of debt. For this reason, we’re working to build an on-going medical fund comprised of our supporters stepping out and saying “Yes” to ensuring families are not faced with medical demands they cannot afford that would lead to dangerous debt. We’re working to fill this fund with $2,600 to start, which right now will help with Dara’s* mothers medication required for her mental illness, Cheng’s* monthly medication for her skin disease so this young girl may have a normal life, for Kimny’s* chronic eye pain which requires consistent drops, and will allow us to have access to fund as other issues arise amongst our survivors, at-risk girls, and families we’re supporting. 

On behalf of all of us, thank you for saying “yes” and stepping out to do more for the life of the one! We’re better together, and together we are changing lives. 


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