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Life Saving Surgery for Kimny’s Mum

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Kimny*, a young girl in our SHE Rescue Home, is unfortunately facing struggles as her mother faces some serious medical issues. In August doctors discovered tumors in her mother’s uterus, and her body has now stopped responding to the medication that was previously helping. In November the doctors detected that the tumors are growing rapidly, are life threatening, and need to be removed. 

Our heart is to stand beside and bring relief to Kimny* and her entire family during this time, and know their greatest place of need is financially. To undergo this necessary surgery the family will be responsible for pre and post surgery medication, expenses of the hospital stay, and provision for all food during her stay. The estimated cost is $1500 and is something we want to cover in full, as situations such as these are the most common ways families subject themselves to the threats of trafficking by taking out a loan and subjecting themselves to the danger and vulnerability of loan sharks. 

We presently have $800 that’s been generously donated and are now in need of just $700 to ensure it’s covered, the family remains safe, and Kimny’s* mother receives the life-saving surgery she needs. 

We thank you for your partnership, and on behalf of her family and our team, thank you so much! We’re better together. 


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