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Holiday Fun – Appreciation BBQ

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Mid-year, we and the girls will host a BBQ for our awesome staff to show our gratitude for all their hard work and for the love and support shown to our girls.

The girls will never be able to fully express what the hard working and dedicated, social workers, counsellors, house-mothers, drivers, teachers and other staff have done for them. To show their appreciation we will help them put on a special lunch!

The girls and volunteers will prepare and organise the party, cooking and serving the lunch themselves, alongside special performances of dancing and songs they have put together and practiced for weeks! It is a day full of fun, joy, laughter and thanks!

We need $260 to make this day possible and provide everything the girls will need to run this beautiful lunch. Help the girls give back to all the fantastic local staff and have an absolute ball at the same time! Joy is contagious, and this is one day that we see it spread like wild-fire.


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