None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

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Healing for girls to thrive!

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A major part of our commitment to providing our girls with the best care possible is in maintaining the education and skillset of our counselling and social work team. By doing so, we are ensuring our teams are able to provide the girls with comprehensive, evidence-based trauma treatment, helping them to not only heal, but to thrive.

We are always looking for trainings to further develop the skills of our counsellors and social workers, and just recently, two of our counsellors have received the opportunity to attend a training facilitated by a local university. This program is two years long and would significantly deepen their understanding of trauma work, sharpen counselling skills, and provide them with access to new interventions and treatment plans. Additionally, this program would provide our counsellors with tools to help our girls achieve well-balanced healthy lives, setting them up for further success once they leave our care, helping reduce some of the contributing factors of abuse and exploitation.

Due to the depth and length of the training, the cost is steeper than we are able to cover. Both counsellors were awarded scholarships that will cover 50% of the cost, which is so helpful and has really encouraged us in believing we can make this happen for them! After the scholarship it will cost each counsellor $1040 per year, so in order to cover the cost of both counsellors for two years we’re in need of $4,160 in support.
If you’d like to help contribute to this need and tangibly take action to ensure survivors of trafficking are well cared for, you can simply click below. We cannot thank you enough for investing in the lives of those who have laid down their lives to see survivors fully healed and provided hope. In doing so, you are providing significant aid in restoring young survivors of trafficking and coming against this injustice in our world today.

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