None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

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As we care for the lives of countless girls and families, there are always needs arising that we couldn’t have foreseen. We like to bring our supporters along and keep a transparent and updated list of our real, financial and material needs. To contribute to these needs, please read below and from all of us – thank you so much for your generosity. Together we are moving these lives forward.

Showing all 14 results
    Showing all 14 results
    • Back to School – Support a girls future!

      It’s back to school season, which means lots of excitement for a new season and fresh start and can also mean all the costs associated with ensuring girls are set up for success as they embark on another year! One of the greatest threats leading to trafficking is lack of education, which is why we […]

    • Healing for girls to thrive!

      A major part of our commitment to providing our girls with the best care possible is in maintaining the education and skillset of our counselling and social work team. By doing so, we are ensuring our teams are able to provide the girls with comprehensive, evidence-based trauma treatment, helping them to not only heal, but to […]

    • Life Saving Surgery for Kimny’s Mum

      Kimny*, a young girl in our SHE Rescue Home, is unfortunately facing struggles as her mother faces some serious medical issues. In August doctors discovered tumors in her mother’s uterus, and her body has now stopped responding to the medication that was previously helping. In November the doctors detected that the tumors are growing rapidly, […]

    • Medical Fund for Girls $2,600

      Debt is a great risk to trafficking and exploitation throughout Cambodia and it creates great vulnerability amongst families and communities. The greatest contributor to debt is the need for medical care families cannot afford, which oftentimes leaves them with no choice but to rely on high interest loans that are impossible to pay back and […]

    • Reintegration pack!

      The goal for the SHE Rescue Home is always for the girls in our care to be safely reintegrated to their family. There are many factors that are considered before a girl can go home. To assist in ensuring their safety we provide reintegration packs that include: Phone and credit, Bicycle, Bicycle pump, Water filter […]

    • Support a girls healing process

      Our incredible Khmer staff constantly look to improve their skills so that they can provide the best possible care and support for the girls. Our social workers and counsellors, work diligently to find safe and healthy reintegration options for the girls they works with. They also ensures that girls who have already been reintegrated continue […]

    • Help Sponsor a Girl for One Month

      We approach healing holistically with every survivor focusing on the body, soul, and mind. Your gift will help us carry out our in depth approach for a young survivor for a month.

    • Immunizations

      Help us prevent illness in survivors!

    • Kitchen Pots and Pans

      Help us supply bare necessities for survivors and families.

    • Mosquito Nets

      Necessary to protect families from illness and discomfort. Mosquito nets $60 (each $7, $60 covers for multiple families)

    • One Months School Fees

      Help us ensure every single survivor in our care is able to receive proper education to prevent vulnerability in her future.

    • School Books

      Equipping survivors of today with hope and knowledge for tomorrow.

    • Sleeping Mats

      Help us supply bare necessities for survivors and families.

    • New bikes for the girls in the SHE Rescue Home

      Physical exercise, fun and safety are all important elements of the care we provide. Living in a high security home with locked gates and security guards means there there are no opportunities to play out in the street. A well as weekly park outings, one of the girl’s favourite activities is a weekend bike ride […]

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