None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

Amy’s House has closed

Amy House has closed! Please see the Thank You for their supporters below:


First and foremost we want to THANK all of our supporters, friends, and staff. We know we had the opportunity to impact the lives of the four girls in our home because of your efforts and care for victims of sex trafficking.


Unfortunately due to many circumstances out of our control, we with a heavy heart had no choice but to CLOSE our home. We were not able to meet the harsh deadlines set before us both in getting enough girls placed in our home and the necessity of additional funding on a regular basis. We are more heart broken about this decision then you can imagine, however we cannot sustain any longer and have officially closed as of June 13th.


We are thankful for the chance we have had to see such a profound transformation in the girls we have provided service to. These girls have bee placed somewhere safe. We thank you and ask that there be a spread in awareness not only of the horror of sex trafficking and the strides being made to rescue victims but also of a lack of understanding of where girls are going and how it is determined where they should be treated.


We heard the numerous calls for a home, for a place for girls to go, for a place for victims of sex trafficking to heal, yet our home remained mostly empty. Let us hope that what we have learned can spread to the next home that opens because this issue is not going away.


Again we are grateful for each and every person who reached out to us, supported us, volunteered with us, worked with us and believed in us. The battle is far from over for these victims, let’s continue to make advances to help them.