None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue


Use your time and your skills to make a difference in the life of another!

At the same time you get to experience the adventure of living in another country and culture. Join us; you will never be the same!

Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteering in Cambodia requires a passion and commitment to effective and ethical action against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. If you would like to use your skills to empower and up-skill local Cambodian staff, consider applying for an volunteer position at the SHE Rescue Home field office in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Together we can partner to provide quality services to survivors of trafficking, rape and prostitution.

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Volunteer in Australia

The SHE Rescue Home’s local office in Brisbane, Australia, offers a number of volunteer opportunities.

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Advocates join with us to bring awareness to their sphere of influence regarding the issue of human trafficking. Through our experience, a lot of people doing just a little can accomplish great change. We’re grateful for you, and we’re better together.

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