None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

Sponsor a staff member

Have you ever considered sponsoring one of our amazing expert staff members who have made the move to live in Cambodia and provide support to the SHE RESCUE Home long term?

Our staff have left the familiarity of their own country to live away from family and friends in a culture very different from their “home”. They are provided with a basic income and it is their hearts desire to remain long term, so we want to make that as easy as possible for them to do! They are vitally important to the SHE Rescue Home and so we thank you for considering being a part of this in the following ways:


  • Staff member 1 – $600 a month
  • Staff member 2 – $500 a month
  • Staff member 3 – $300 a month


$400 a month

Medical cover and expenses

$1000 a year


Donate your frequent flier miles to us for staff to use on their flight back home.


There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.

Graham Greene

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