None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

SHE Rescue

SHE wellness program

SHE Wellness program launching soon!

We believe that just as our SHE girls receive a complete holistic investment, Body, Soul & Spirit; we too want to promote healing, wholeness and vitality to our bodies, that’s how the SHE Wellness Program was birthed.

We have proudly partner with a qualified personal trainer, an accredited nutritionist as well as a whole food capsule + shake supplier ‘Juice Plus’ to promote a healthy body, soul, and spirit.

On our brand new page we will share yummy and healthy recipes created by a nutritionist, workout regime created by a licensed personal trainer, and information and facts about whole foods to add to your healthy lifestyle through Juice Plus, the benefit with ordering your Juice Plus whole foods through SHE is that ALL the profits will go back into the SHE Rescue Home program, so YOUR new healthy lifestyle will benefit the healing and wholeness of our SHE girls in Cambodia. Win Win!!

We would LOVE for you to join the SHE Wellness Movement, its a group of people who will encourage, motivate and facilitate healing, wholeness and vitality to eachother. We truly believe; looking after YOU is the foundation to look after others. Change your life for less than $4 a day (skip the coffee and add in whole foods).

To find out more about Juice Plus about how you can get your hands on yummy (and healthy) FREE fruit & veg jubes or to make your first order, contact us on

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