None of the children whose faces you see have been trafficked or in our care.

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Defeating All Odds

Sokha* arrived into the care of the SHE Rescue Home pregnant as a result of sexual exploitation.  Her perpetrator lived near to her family, and often threatened them to drop the court case. She arrived timid, unable to read or write, possessed little education, and was filled with hopelessness as an all too young, single mother-to-be. 


Our goal for every survivor who enters our care is to be safely reintegrated back home with family and in community. At the time of her arrival reintegration home seemed like a far-off impossibility, as her home was not safe and there were no job possibilities in sight that she may safely provide for herself and her baby.


Sokha’s* tenacity shared a different story, however, as she shared with us of her dreams to provide for her baby, to be a good mom, and to someday see her daughter have a chance to receive an education all the way through university. With great conviction she shared she’d like to learn how to sew – a journey that would surely bring challenges as she’d first have to learn how to read in order to understand patters, and one she did not back down from but arose beautifully! 


Sokha* worked so diligently studying and practicing, and with the help of our in-home teachers and counselors, was able to bring herself to a position where she was ready to enroll in a formal sewing program! She enrolled, successfully graduated from it, and today feels confidently about creating work for herself and her family back in her community and will be able to enroll in our Home Employment Response Initiative given her new skillset! 


Due to her commitment and devotion to the tasks before her, she’s not only set herself up for great success but her family has been inspired and come around her like never before. Her family has committed to giving a portion of their land to Sokha* and her daughter to build a sewing shop and home on so they may have work and a safe place to live, and they can reintegrate in the coming month!


We’re so proud of her – a true picture of the redemption, hope, and freedom we exist to advocate for in the lives of the once vulnerable. A reminder that when all seems hopeless there is always a way to build hope together. 


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